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Contact Information by Vertical

Healthcare Support:
+1 888.602.0390 |

Hospitality Support:
+1 888.602.0391 |

B2B Support:
+1 888.602.0393 |

Personal Services Support:
+1 888.602.0395 |

Retail Support
+1 888.602.0401 |

NCR Support
+1 888.602.0397 |

Agent Support
+1 888.602.0403 |

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know who to call?


Contact your Channel Representative, who can assist you with routing your requests to the appropriate team.

How do I view my residuals/commissions?


Please refer to your user guide. For assistance with navigating the portal, please call +1 800.846.4472, ext. 1820.

How do I submit a lead/prospect?


There are multiple ways to submit a lead to Worldpay. You can email or call your assigned Partnership Manager or Sales Executive or submit your lead via Launchpad.

When are residuals paid?


Residuals are typically paid on the 25th of each month.

How do I check the status of my merchant in the enrollment process?


Please refer to your User Guide. You have the ability to look at your active, enrolled not processing, and stalled merchants.

How do I get a VAR/setup sheet for merchants?


We will email you a setup sheet upon enrollment. You can access the setup sheet by logging into the portal.