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Simplify payment acceptance and improve your bottom line by accepting traditional and alternative payment types anywhere, any time, on any device and across channels.

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Reduce risks, protect payment information, and defend your revenue with leading fraud intelligence tools.

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Tap into enhanced checkout experiences, facilitate loyalty programs and turn insights into a competitive advantage.

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We support more than 1,000,000 merchants worldwide and process over 40 billion transactions annually. With more than 300 payment methods, we provide the expertise you need to make smart payment acceptance decisions.


serving 8 out 10 of the top airline, retail and internet companies globally


transactions processed in a typical day; mobile, online and in-store


reduction in fraud chargebacks for large omnichannel merchant

Merchants and Partners


Access advanced payment solutions to convert sales and reduce costs all from one global company.

Small and medium business

Connect your systems easily and securely while gaining access to intuitive technology tools that will foster business growth.


Get the technology and teams you need to grow your business in any market and through any business model.



Access 126 currencies


Across 146 countries

API References


By developers for developers, our developer community helps you stay ahead of industry standards, security threats, and new payment technologies. With our open approach, you choose the programming language to build, test, and certify your solution.

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Case study

The implementation of FraudSight helped WorthPoint successfully stop 60,000 fraudulent authorizations within 10 days.

Case study

Radius Media Group experienced 25% year over year growth by deploying technology that minimized service interruptions, reduced declined authorizations and increased customer retention.

Case study

SwipeSimple helped a retired Colonel in the US Army completely revise his business model when COVID-19 impacted his life. Now they can do business anywhere.

Basic Policy on Anti-Social Force by FIS Japan KK and Worldpay KK.