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Enterprise Payment Processing Solutions

It takes a lot to know your customers today. Purchase consideration, decision and enterprise payment processing across channels-online, in-store and across devices. That takes dot-connecting expertise. Let our network effect work for you. More payment transactions, across more channels, around the world builds a data trove which shapes the insights to deliver new capabilities and products that fuel the future of payments for the future of commerce, today.

It's part of what you'll experience with Worldpay from FIS™. The right infrastructure, the right products and the right speed to support the changing demands and experiences of cardholders today.

Put the World’s Largest Payments Advocate to Work for You

As the world’s largest enterprise payment solutions processor, we’ll provide the innovation and technology you need to grow and expand, around the world. We’ll enable the connections you need to get control of your payments, all from one provider. Worldpay from FIS delivers the reach, revenue and responsiveness to take payments into the future.

Expand your reach

Whether you want to accept new currencies or add the latest digital wallet technology, we make breaking into new markets and accepting new payment types simple.

Convert more sales

Generate more sales and revenue with payments technology that offers your customers a more convenient and secure experience.

Respond faster

Get the help, support and expert advice you need to respond quickly to customer preferences, market trends and regulatory changes.
From an integration standpoint, having a processing relationship with Worldpay has been very convenient. Their breadth in the industry really helps because the companies we’re working with already have a Worldpay relationship."
- Bora Dincer | VP of Technology, Jamba Juice