BizShield and Merchant Insights

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Your command center for smart growth

Manage your online reputation and access powerful tools to grow your business with BizShield and Insights powered by Womply.

All your payments data, in one place

A global view, custom reports, exportable data, and actionable insights help you make the most out of payments. Identify dips in approval rates for specific countries, drill into chargebacks to reduce fraud and processing errors, spot sales spikes to maximize revenue, reconcile from the platform, and more

Easy, cross-provider reporting

Pazien connects to your provider reports and delivers all data in one interactive format so you can compare performance

Get a competitive edge

The Insights dashboard offers the data, business management and growth tools to help attract and retain customers and streamline marketing efforts

Protect your brand

Together, BizShield and Insights take the guesswork out of knowing your customers, your competitors, and your online profile