Payments 2025 is a thought leadership campaign highlighting the key trends shaping the future of payments. Using our many years of experience, we’ll share expert opinions and recommendations as well as explore the social, economic, technological and environmental factors that will help our merchants to prepare for tomorrow.

The Future of Payments is Here

From our vantage point as a global leader and through the perspective of our vast network of industry specialists, see the trends that are set to transform the future of payments – and the future of businesses – around the world.

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Tomorrow Starts Today

It pays to plan ahead. Meet the future with “Tomorrow’s Payments Today,” expert analysis and recommendations to prepare you for 2025.

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Sector Spotlight

It’s a shared future, but the evolution of payments won’t affect industries all the same. See the future of payments in a new light – in your sector.

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Inside your industry

Restaurants, Hospitality & Leisure

Payments serve up a bustling future

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Airline & Travel

Departing restrictions lift expectations

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Financial services

Digital expands financial access

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Payments innovation gets things moving

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Keeping growth on schedule

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Betting on future gaming technologies

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