Managing your ATM fleet doesn’t have to be so complicated

With FIS® ATM management solutions, you have the support to give cardholders a differentiated and seamless ATM experience. At the same time, you’re empowered to simplify back-office processing, minimize downtime and reduce your expenses.

Or, simplify your ATM management with our fully managed ATM as a Service option that provides a single point of contact.

Integrated breadth of services

FIS ATM management solutions are tightly integrated into our debit and prepaid programs, fraud solutions and transaction repository GUIs.

Enhanced customer experience

Set yourself apart with differentiated functionality, like consumer selected bill-mix, PIN change and mixed deposit transactions.

Lower costs

Reduce trips to pull ATM deposits with self-sufficient ATM web functions and deposit automation services.

Proactive alerts

Minimize ATM downtime with our automated device monitoring solution and notifications.

Simplified back-office processing

Streamline exception processing with single-point settlement for all EFT network activity.

Single point of contact

Choose our ATM as a Service option to bring multiple vendors with specific skill sets under one contract with FIS for a single point of contact.

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An all-in-one package of ATM services

Combine hardware and software procurement, maintenance, processing, services and monitoring for a streamlined approach.

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