FIS Securities Lending Processing Platform

Formerly Loanet Accounting and Settlement

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Highly Automated Accounting and Settlement Processing for Securities Finance

FIS® Securities Lending Processing Platform (formerly Loanet Accounting and Settlement) is a highly automated accounting and settlement securities lending system for lenders and borrowers. Designed for securities finance transactions and featuring settlement through DTC and CDX, it provides access to the largest single community of borrowers and lenders in a common processing environment.

Securities Lending Processing Platform automates a very high percentage of the post-trade life cycle events, including mark-to-market, recalls, contract compares and more, giving you scalability and freeing your staff to focus on exceptions handling.

Seamless automation between participants eliminates the need for customized information exchanges, enabling auto-borrow, auto-loan and inventory distribution – and increasing counterparty efficiency and throughput.

How FIS Empowers Securities Lending

Highly automated accounting and settlement securities lending software

Access the Largest Securities Lending Community

Access the largest single community of borrowers and lenders, utilizing a common processing environment

Benefit from Unlimited Scalability

Grow as your business needs change with a solution that is regularly enhanced for increased automation and integration

Enjoy Reliability and Security

Experience a highly reliable processing environment with high fault tolerance and security

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