AEF Base Learning Plan

This page shows the learning plan for the AEF Base certification program.

Note: You should be registered on the program before following this learning plan.

Training courses

You must register and attend the following courses during the program.

Click on each course title for a full description, price and course availability.

Course code      Course title     Course attendance
    Self-study material (FCA3724)    
[FA102]              AEF: Customization with Python AEL and ACM   Mandatory
[FA103]   AEF: Calculation Trees, ADFL and ACM   Mandatory
[FA104]   AEF: Customized Reporting   Mandatory to attend one of these courses
[FA105]   AEF: User Interface Customization    


You must complete the following assessments during the program:

Part 1 - Multiple-choice questions

  • A - AEF-Basics
  • B - ASQL
  • C - Python
  • D - ADFL

Part 2 - Essay questions (available after passing Part 1)

  • E - ASQL 2
  • F - Python 2
  • G - Python 3
  • H - Python 4
  • I - ADFL 2

The assessments are carried out using the Certification and Assessment Tool (CAT). Trading University will guide you through the process.

Note that the assessments may include topics not covered in the course but which are documented in the standard Front Arena documentation. You may need to refer to the learning resources listed below when completing your assessment.

More learning resources

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Getting started with AEF

AEF Base eLearning exercises

Python ACM and AEL

AEF Base eLearning exercises


ASQL eLearning exercises