[FA108] AEF – Using Python to Access ARENA Class Model

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

This course enables Front Arena Python programmers who already know how to use the AEL library to learn how to use the ACM library that duplicates much of the AEL functionality but provides access to the calculation engine and routines used by the Trading Manager that are inaccessible from AEL.

Also available is the course AEF – Customization with Python AEL and Python ACM, which is the standard two-day course covering both AEL and ACM.

Goal of the Course

AEL programmers will learn how to use the Front Arena Python ACM library.

Target Audience

Front Arena Python AEL developers.

Participants must be employed by a customer of SunGard Front Arena or an authorized Front Arena partner.

Required Knowledge Level

Participants should be certified AEL Programmers. If you are not an AEL Certified Programmer, you should attend the two-day course that covers ACM and AEL: AEF – Customization with Python AEL and Python ACM.

Type of Course: Technical