[FA113] ARENA Message Broker and AMB-SDK

Duration of Course: 1.5 days

Course Covers

The ARENA Message Broker (AMB) is the real-time messaging backbone of Front Arena. This component, with its associated Software Development Kit (SDK), enables the connection of other systems, front office, back office, data warehousing, etc. Front Arena can then serve as an enterprise risk management engine or the core of a complete straight-through processing system.

The course includes:

  • Messages and data model
  • Technology and programming interface
  • Import/export data to and from Front Arena
  • AMBA messages
  • AMB Adapter and Arena Extract options
  • Sample export and import messages
  • AMB hands-on workshop
    1. Running Arena Extract in connection with AMB
    2. Running AMB Adapter in batch and real time
    3. Understanding default message values set by the AMB Adapter (AMBA)
  • AMB-SDK hands-on programming workshop
    1. amb_trade_reader and amb_trade_writer
    2. Programming a trade tracking sequence

Goal of the Course

At the end of the course, participants will understand the role and functioning of AMB as well as know how to use the AMB Adapter in real-time and batch mode. Participants will have received hands-on training in developing AMB adapters using the SDK.

Target Audience

AMB adapter developers, Front Arena application managers and Front Arena system managers.

Participants must be employed by a customer of Front Arena or an authorized Front Arena partner.

Required Knowledge Level

Participants should have attended basic AEF training or have an equivalent knowledge of the database. If you wish to develop AMB adapters you will need to have experience in C-programming. Without this knowledge, some parts of the course will be difficult to follow.

Type of Course: Technical/software deployment