[FA205] Front Arena – Fixed Income

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

This course provides a solid understanding of how to use Front Arena for fixed income trading. The course focuses on:

  • Setup and configuration of personalized work spaces with focus on bond trading
  • How to price and analyze fixed income products (Bonds, Bond Futures) in real time from different electronic exchanges or from external price feeds, such as REUTER
  • How to simulate calculated values
  • How to analyze combined market views from different markets and display the best bid and offer prices from any market
  • Market-making activities, such as driving values and instrument spreads (including bid/ask price and yield spread), sending automatic or manual quotes to the market, and using an internal market for quoting and trading within the organization
  • An introduction to position keeping, desktop risk management, and profit and loss

Course Benefits

This course is only executed on demand.

Goal of the Course

After the course, users will be able to use Front Arena for fixed income trading. This will include knowledge of how to price and analyze fixed income products in real time as well as how to maintain different spreads and how to automate, for example, spread calculations.

Target Audience

Application managers, traders and middle-office staff. Participants must be employed by a customer of Front Arena or an authorized Front Arena partner.

Required Knowledge Level

The “Front Arena Introduction – Interest Rates” course or equivalent knowledge. Participants should have a basic knowledge of Fixed Income products (application and valuation).

Type of Course: Functional