Advanced Profit and Loss in Front Arena

Duration of Course: Half to full day

Course Covers

The course covers the Front Arena functionalities PL Explain and PL Decomposition, which are two ways of helping the user understand how changes in market data contribute to total profit and loss.

  • PL Explain – Helps the user understand the sources of profit and loss changes over a certain period. Highlights different sources of profit and loss. Sensitivity-based approach
  • PL Decomposition – Provides a means to analyze the impact of the driving factors of the profit and loss. Uses a full revaluation

The two different calculations complement each other.

From a system administration perspective, the course also covers the necessary end of day scripts and process needed for the calculations.

Goal of the Course

The participant will be able to use the two Front Arena concepts, PL Explain and PL Decomposition, to understand how market data from different sources contribute to changes in the total profit and loss values and how to use them over a certain past time period or as a predictive tool for predicting future values.

Target Audience

This course benefits end users and application managers looking to use Trading Manager columns to understand Front Arena profit and loss values. It is also of great value for Front Arena system administrators, because calculation of profit and loss values in Front Arena by construction are heavily dependent on data and system configurations.

Required Knowledge Level

Type of Course: Technical/functional

Certification Exam Details: AEF Base Certification