Item Processing in a Modern Age

Financial institutions are rightfully directing their attention to the customer experience. Meanwhile, in the midst of declining check volumes, item processing outsourcing and modernization is highlighted as a source of opportunity and gain for those institutions that are looking for efficiencies, security and compliance, and an opportunity to reinvest in innovation.

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Item Processing Money Tree or Money Pit?

Financial institution leaders are calling for more efficiencies and smarter paths to a fluid customer experience. Read this white paper for ideas to become the item processing change agent for your bank or credit union.

The Case for a Change in Item Processing

Declining check volumes, a call for innovation, security and compliance - discover the drivers and benefits in modernizing your organization’s item processing with this infographic.

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Meet Chris and Johanna

See how this dynamic duo and owners of a home renovation business rely on their bank’s item processing solutions to be as on-the-go as they are.

FIS & The RWC Group Teller Capture White Paper

Making the investment in new technology to move away from centralized capture of checks can help your institution become more efficient and exceed customer expectations. Gain a better understanding of the common misconceptions of teller capture and the key steps to successfully implementing it in your financial institution.

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Because checks remain an option, financial institutions need Item Processing options that are secure, efficient, and integrated.

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