Open Test Solutions

Your Quality Confirmed

Testing is a critical process in any enterprise environment, because your reputation is at stake. Moreover, going to market fast with the right payment solution can be challenging. FIS™ develops the test solutions that help you save time and simplify the implementation of payment solutions that meet the highest standards.

  • Ensure lower-cost payment solutions.
  • Save time with test automation.
  • Remove dependency on live systems or physical hardware with virtualization.
  • Prepare your certifications with accredited test solutions (EMV®, American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, Visa® and others).
  • Enable continuous testing.
  • Rely on field-proven technology built on 25+ years of expertise.

ATM Test and Configuration Solutions

An Efficient Approach that Reduces Costs

Using an ATM is one of the most frequent interactions customers have with a financial institution, so it is important that their experience is a good one. FIS™' suite of ATM products provides you with the essential tools for developing, testing and releasing changes to your ATM fleet.

  • Automate your testing to save time and reduce costs.
  • Improve cost efficiency by avoiding scheduling issues related to limited physical ATM resources.
  • Eliminate geographical boundaries and simplify outsourced or offshore testing.
  • Test in the cloud or on your desktop.
  • Virtualize your ATMs and simulate a vast range of ATM hardware from all major vendors.
  • Rely on experience built on 10 years of deployments around the world.

Bank Payment Testing

Seamless Performance in a Complex Environment

Today’s payment industry has grown increasingly complex, with a multitude of channels, credentials and new technologies involved in processing batch files and real-time card payments. It is essential that all components of this payment environment interact seamlessly. FIS™ Open Test Solutions help you automate your testing and identify risk areas.

  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Exceed the requirements of a challenging payments world.
  • Eliminate costly infrastructure modifications after launch.
  • Benchmark during development.
  • Automate your regression testing.
  • Meet your deadlines.

Card Personalization Validation

Ensuring Payment Card Accuracy

Before your credit or debit payment card is issued, it must contain the right values for the card type, card application, the cardholder and the intended use of the card. FIS™ helps you to test and validate all aspects of card personalization so you can detect and correct errors.

  • Ease the certification process of your payment and loyalty cards.
  • Guarantee card acceptance.
  • Avoid replacement costs after rollout.
  • Speed up your development.
  • Debug and confirm quality.

EMV Terminal Integration Test Solutions & Services

Streamline your certification

Before rolling out your payment terminal, you must test and go through brand certification, which can be a challenging process. This Level 3 certification confirms the quality of your implementation of the payment brand requirements and the correct integration of terminal, merchant, VAR, gateway and acquirer host. FIS™ guides you and eases your process, from preparation to formal brand certification. Avoid obstacles, go faster to market and prevent failure costs.

Benefits of working with FIS:

  • A single partner for precertification and formal brand certification
  • EMV Test Laboratories accredited for ISO17025
  • EMV Certification teams accredited for log validations (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa)
  • EMV Terminal test solutions and test services qualified by:
    • American Express – AEIPS, ExpressPay, Quick Chip, Pre-Tap
    • Discover – Contact and Contactless DPAS
    • Diners – Contact and Contactless DPAS
    • Mastercard – Contact and Contactless M-TIP
    • Pulse – DPAS ATM, POS PIN Debit
    • Visa – ADVT, CDET, US Quick Chip, U.S. Debit, U.S. Fleet
    • Services for multiple domestic payment brands
  • Excellent customer service by knowledgeable people

EMV Consulting

Add Knowledge, Cut Costs

Adding EMV® technology to an existing payments environment is a substantial change. Compliance with this global standard is difficult, and doing it wrong is not an option. FIS™ consulting supports financial institutions, as well as card and terminal vendors, to guarantee a seamless and reliable customer payment experience.

  • More than 25 years of global EMV knowledge
  • Accredited by American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® and Visa® to deliver quality consulting services
  • Senior EMV experts to help you overcome complexities
  • Ease your EMV journey – FIS Consulting guides you to a winning strategy.

Host and Switch Testing

Ensuring Compliance, Quality and High-volume Capacity

A host implementation for card-based transactions is complex, with many interacting components. Performance and robustness are key, because if your payment system fails, it impacts your earnings and brand reputation. FIS™ can help you test and validate your system implementation against the governing specifications and ensure that your host or switch infrastructure is bulletproof.

  • Ensure compliance to standards.
  • Confirm quality.
  • Prepare a payment infrastructure that can handle high volumes of parallel transactions.
  • Virtualize your test environment to remove dependencies on live systems.
  • Bank on field-proven technology.

Real-time Payments Test Solutions

Handle your payments efficiently, reduce complexities and confirm your quality

Implement faster payments with confidence. FIS helps you optimize your investment in today’s immediate payments technology. Big, small or something in between, our test solutions ensure a seamless transition and a solid brand image.

  • Automated testing for consistency and faster go-to-market
  • Avoid costly modifications post-launch.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Specialized solutions based on 20+ years of payments testing expertise

Web-based Test Solutions

Online verification of your payment applications

Browser-based testing brings a new dimension to organizing industry conformance validations and ensuring the quality of your payment solutions. It cost-effectively unites the accessibility of the cloud with full control over executed test scenarios, allowing multiple users to simultaneously use the tool from remote locations.

  • Access a simulated host or network test environment via the web.
  • Eliminate geographical limitations.
  • Execute tests automatically.
  • Simplify the monitoring and exporting of test reports for analysis.
  • Reduce administrative overhead and virtually multiply your test resources.
  • Access a wide range of accredited simulators.

Nexo Test Solutions

Nexo (nexo), a non-profit organization, defines and maintains the standards that allow the exchange of payment acceptance data between merchants, acquirers, payment service providers and other stakeholders. The ISO20022-based messaging protocols are globally applicable and freely available.

To sustain uniform card payment solutions, Nexo members need to go through a certification process at an accredited test laboratory. FIS is the sole provider of the Nexo-accredited test and certification solution.

  • Ensure compliance to Nexo standards and go to market quickly
  • Start a Nexo certification with confidence
  • An always-available test environment
  • Confirm quality, functionality and high performance