Lead the future of your business with Ethos™:
the comprehensive fintech data ecosystem from FIS


Ethos Analytics

Use with Ethos data packs*:

*At least one data pack is required for Ethos Analytics

See Through Data to Understand What Steps to Take Next

Ethos™ Analytics makes it easier to solve your most complex problems. Get insights from data like never before with dynamic data visualizations and dashboards. Easily identify new opportunities, spot trends and track the mission-critical metrics and KPIs most relevant to your business.

Ethos Analytics works with Ethos data packs, distinct sets of unified data. Dashboards and data models designed by industry experts provide the answers you need from data to become a truly data-driven business. Start maximizing your investment right away with personalized workshops and training customized to your team and your Ethos data packs.


The Ethos Experience

monitor_bg An experience that is simple, secure and scalable

data_bg Discover new insights between unrelated data points

users_bg Scales with your business: add users, data sets and add-ons at any time

marketplace Set your team up for success with custom data pack workshops

search_bg Move quickly through data with best-of-breed visualization tools

lightbulb_bg Easy, engaging experience from first exploration to daily use

Ethos Analytics provides the industry’s leading data intelligence features, including:

Comprehensive data access all in one place – Slice, dice and query data sets all within the Ethos ecosystem in a turnkey fashion, and with the best tools in the business.

Reporting – View comprehensive summaries and drill deep into granular reporting that addresses the unique needs of your institution.

Seamless Integration – Part of a growing ecosystem, Ethos Analytics unifies data from multiple sources and will grow in scale as new FIS data packs become available.