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Ethos Fraud Data Pack

Use with:

Manage Your Risk Footprint

The Ethos™ Fraud Data Pack empowers your institution to securely manage and reduce the cost of fraud to better serve your customers. Actively monitor performance of credit and debit fraud with a lens into activity and trends with insights derived from key fraud metrics.

Ethos Data Packs are distinct sets of unified data that work with Ethos Analytics to provide dynamic dashboards and visualizations for a comprehensive data analytics toolkit.


Securely Manage Fraud Activity

Rich Data Sets

Executive dashboards with instant insight into trends and analysis.

  • Up to 10 years of incremental history
  • Entry and response specifics
  • Approved vs. denied details
  • Nightly authorization updates
  • Powerful query tools create and export data and visualizations

Detect, Manage and Discover

Powerful models created by card-issuing experts ask the right questions to get the right answers.

  • Manage risk footprint across debit and credit platforms
  • Discover fraud-related insights and identify optimization actions
  • Understand trends and causes of fraud
  • Track alerts generated over time, including drill-down to daily cardholder alert details

Know Your Real Risk Footprint

Dive into data with deep drill downs to true performance.

  • Track performance metrics related to authorizations, alerts, real-time declines, and transactions marked “confirmed fraud”
  • Gain insight into real auth-stream performance and understand post-auth actions
  • Geographic analysis with domestic and international views

Data Pack Highlights

The Fraud Data Pack is a defined data set exported out of the SecurLOCK™ platform that monitors fraud activity for debit or credit processing services provided by FIS

An Executive Summary

Monthly roll-up summaries and detailed data models

Delivered or On-demand

Detail and account level data that is easy to develop, export and schedule for automatic delivery

Designed by Experts

Predefined dashboards and KPIs to analyze transaction authorization activities