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The Solution That Supplements and Simplifies Your Existing Basis Tracking Processes

FIS® Fixed Income Cost Basis Reporting Services allow you to supplement your existing basis tracking processes with the additional functionality that the IRS demands. It produces daily outputs for the computation of income and adjusted basis for all covered debt instruments, as well as all possible taxpayer elections.

Fixed Income Cost Basis Reporting Services also compute daily, periodic and annual amounts of OID, bond premium, acquisition premium and market discount. The income entries and the basis adjustments are derived from the same calculations, so they’re always in sync. Forms 1099-B, 1099-INT and 1099-OID are generated for your customers from the same source calculations, eliminating reconciliation issues.

How FIS Empowers Tax Information Reporting

Discover a solution that gives you the simplicity and accuracy you need

Supplement Your Processes

Our solution completes your existing basis tracking processes with sophisticated computations and regulatory applications

Support a Variety of Instruments

Our solution supports a wide range of debt instruments, including CPDI, VRDI, STRIPs and convertibles

Enjoy Easy Integration

Our solution is easily integrated with your existing cost basis reporting solutions

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