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Creating a High-performing Financial Institution

The economic, competitive and regulatory pressures that characterize the financial industry leave many institutions at cross-purposes, trying to control costs on one hand while introducing new innovations on the other. The FIS consulting team, with its breadth and depth of industry expertise, will work closely with you to bring new efficiencies and dramatically improve your performance.

  • Identify new opportunities for expense reduction and process improvements.
  • Achieve a higher level of customer service.
  • More effectively manage risk, information security and compliance (RISC).
  • Streamline the process of integrating merged or acquired entities.
  • Transform your institution to address the opportunities presented by the new digital economy.
  • Maximize your investments in existing core systems and banking solutions.
  • Enhance your Web presence to attract new customers and better serve their needs.

Revenue Enhancement

A Strategic Approach to Improving Performance

FIS Revenue Enhancement Solutions

With continuing pressure on margins, it’s essential that you continually explore all sources of revenue. FIS can help you boost fee and interest income through increased sales, improved retention and an enhanced pricing discipline. We leverage market intelligence, our deep industry experience, and advanced tools and techniques to help you maximize financial performance.

  • Capture revenue from new and traditional banking and wealth management sources.
  • Reduce dependence on net interest margin.
  • Identify products and services that better serve the customer and reduce costs.
  • Discover partners that are well-suited to specific revenue enhancement goals.

Expense Management

More Effective Use of People, Processes and Technology

With more competitors every day, customers have more choice than ever before. To successfully compete, your entire organization must become highly flexible and efficient. FIS will assess your people, processes and technology against industry best practices, thereby helping you reduce costs, improve business processes, more strategically source goods and services, and enhance productivity.

  • Transition to entirely paperless operations.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your branch network.
  • Eliminate duplicate or conflicting work streams.
  • Assess risk tolerance.
  • More effectively leverage your technology investments.
FIS Expense Management Solutions

Sales and Service Consulting

Exceptional Guidance for Exceptional Growth

FIS Sales and Service Consulting Solutions

Regardless of economic conditions or your competitive position, you’re always seeking ways to improve. The FIS consulting team can help you optimize your sales and service performance, streamline your processes and better leverage your technology investments. The result is an increased ability to attract new customers and retain their business for years to come.

  • Improve marketing efficiency.
  • Raise customer service levels.
  • Enhance your customer’s experience.
  • Generate more non-interest income,
  • More effectively leverage your technology investments.


A Consistent, Proven Methodology

The conversion process is complex, but potential problems can be managed by adhering to time-tested methodologies that orchestrate the required people, procedures and resources. FIS has led thousands of successful conversions and product implementations using proven disciplines that minimize risk and eliminate unknowns. We can guide you through the preparation, acceptance, implementation and post-conversion activities.

  • Reduce implementation and conversion costs.
  • Accelerate conversion project cycles.
  • Maximize the use of technical resources on mission-critical activities.
  • Reduce project risk.
FIS Conversions Solutions

Digital and Core Transformation

A Disciplined Approach, a Consistent Methodology

FIS Digital and Core Transformation Solutions

Transformation of a financial institution can’t rely on silver bullets, because every organization is different. The FIS Consulting Services team relies on powerful tools deployed with a customized plan that incorporates comprehensive solution architecture and design, a consistent methodology for conversion, strict adherence to program management governance, and improvement of business processes.

  • Solution architecture and design based on an analysis of the upfront impact, benefits and cost of the initiative
  • Careful orchestration of people, procedures and resources aimed at on-time, on-budget delivery
  • Program management based on a solid definition of the schedule, quality objectives, risk management goals, issue and change management procedures, and program monitoring and control.
  • Business process improvement that eliminates unnecessary work, simplifies tasks, more effectively leverages technology, streamlines organizational structures and realigns responsibilities.
  • eChannel services that make it possible for you to bring unique digital banking solutions to market rapidly while enhancing brand equity, security and customer protection

Technology Consulting

Maximizing the Value of Your Technology Investments

When planned and executed correctly, complex programs and new technology deployments can create lasting value. FIS Technology Consulting services empower you to offer distinctive new products on time and on budget, integrate best-of-breed solutions within your core applications, combine systems resulting from mergers and acquisitions, develop your own project management organization and more.

  • Solution architecture and design services that maximize your limited development dollars and achieve compliance under today’s intense regulatory scrutiny
  • Program and project management that provide the processes, tools and discipline to manage projects of all sizes, from concept to successful completion
  • Quality assurance services that enable you to achieve more rapid time to market and realize the financial benefits of conversions in less time
  • eChannel services that make it possible for you to bring unique digital banking solutions to market rapidly while enhancing brand equity, security and customer protection.
FIS Technology Consulting Solutions