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D&B Commercial Credit Score

Loan and credit decisions require the industry’s leading commercial credit score

Predicting the future is not an easy task, especially when it comes to loans. Experience the expertise and tested results of the D&B Commercial Credit Score, where you can quickly and easily assess a business’s ability to repay their loan. The D&B Commercial Credit Score allows you to see issues the business may be experiencing and can help you guide them with proactive steps toward a healthy status. Know the real risks and at the right time to prevent bad decisions for your institution.

Reduce the Risk You Take with Each Loan

Get a snapshot of business payment history and their probable ability to repay the loan

Predictive Scores Simplify Your Work

Better decisions, reduced risk of default, and an overall stronger portfolio of investment loans for your institution.

Online Tool Gives You Instant Access

User friendly access to scores also includes insights into why a score may be low.

Low Cost Real-time Monitoring

Monthly subscription fee allows you access to search businesses that apply for loans.

Tested features from industry leaders:

Online Portal for Easy Accessibility – this easy-to-use, intuitive tool provides easy access for visibility into the credit score with the convenience of accessing from any device: laptop, phone or tablet.

Insights and Education – Learn about the score and provide guidance to your customer on how to improve their score.