Fintech is reshaping the world

No surprise – Fintech has redefined every area of the financial world. But standing out and scaling up is no easy feat. FIS powers your innovation and success with decades of expertise, easy implementations, technical agility and the reliability and infrastructure you need to keep growing.

of consumers motivated by convenience would integrate a super app into any given area of their lives
of fintechs believe that start-ups fuel innovation and change
Source: in collaboration with PayPal, 2022
Source: Barclays Corporate Banking, 2022

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For innovators, by innovators

FIS is the world’s largest fintech, but don’t let our size fool you. We’re not only a trusted partner for millions of businesses around the world; we’re innovators building a bold future for fintech. Here’s what you’ll experience when you partner with FIS:

Fintechs worldwide trust FIS to bring their visions to life

Fintech solutions built with developers in mind

FIS is trusted by businesses around the world as the backbone that brings bold ideas to life. You are building the next generation of fintech products and to be nimble, flexible and trial before you build – you should rely on FIS too.

Giving developers the tools to build the future

We’ve developed our solutions for the people who are actually building the next generation of fintech products. Get a modern and nimble technology stack, flexible APIs with clear documentation, access to technical salespeople and product demos, a sandbox to try solutions before purchase, and a direct channel for answers to technical questions.

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FIS® Code Connect™

Banking solutions to help developers build secure and scalable APIs.

Worldpay for Developers

Everything global developers need to build elegant, robust payment integrations.

Developer Engine

Powerful payment APIs for ISVs, ISOs, VARs, banks and payment facilitators.

Developer Community

Help for engineers to develop payment, banking and capital market applications.

Grow without limitations

FIS is a partner for life. We can meet your needs at every stage of your growth. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to outgrow us. Whatever your goals, we’ll be there each step of the way.

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Get insights from leading experts

Discover thought leadership from the people who live and breathe fintech. Stay up to date with trends, get a deep dive on complex topics and see what's coming up next.

The Fintech Innovator

Unpack the latest insights on 2024 fintech predictions, embedded finance and generative AI in this issue of the Fintech Innovator magazine.

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Stay resilient in tough times

What strategies can you employ to meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on while positioning your firm for future growth?

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Is your back-office tech futureproof?

You need integrated and scalable solutions to futureproof your operations. Take this finance systems fitness test for a full solution health check and treatment plan.

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From cost control to risk and compliance

Uncover the challenges your finance team faces and the strategies you can leverage to address and tackle them.

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Sick of regulatory change?

See how you can turn regulatory change to your advantage by taking control of your data and embedding compliance into your firm’s DNA.

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Strengthen your finance systems

You’re a growing fintech, but is the finance part of your business utilizing the latest technology to add to your advantage?

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Are you on top of the latest trends?

Get your fintech firm ready for what lies ahead with a strategic partner that can help advance your brave, new future.

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What does the future look like?

It's time to think big and put new ideas in place. Explore the future of fintech to learn how you can build a better and brighter financial future.

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Step into the world of fintech innovation

From initial ideas to scaling for growth, innovation never stops. Discover how fintechs can boost financial services and innovate everywhere.

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Tackling fintech challenges

Delivering innovation at speed. Scaling your business model. Finding a path to growth. Here’s how to solve for three big fintech challenges.

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What’s next for fintech in banking?

Open banking, modernization and partnerships – listen to this episode of the Financial Futures podcast to see how fintech in banking is evolving.

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Lending innovations and opportunities

Harry Stahl, senior director of Enterprise Strategy at FIS, shares three steps to capture some of the growth in the digital lending space.

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FIS Original Research

The Global Innovation Report

Businesses face mounting uncertainties. But with the right plan in place, you can turn them into opportunities. Discover how to move past uncertainty and create an advantage with innovation.

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Stay one step ahead of crime

Managed XDR

As cyberthreats increase in volume and sophistication, you can gain peace of mind with this fully managed extended detection and response service.

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Integrate smoothly and effectively

Energy Trading, Risk and Logistics Platform

Streamline and integrate your physical commodities business.

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Simplify your business operations

FIS Prepaid Solutions

Offer a convenient and secure alternative to cash or checks with single-load and reloadable prepaid products, and custom and packaged programs.

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On time and right the first time


Provide secure, on-time cardholder service while gaining valuable card program insights that give you a competitive advantage.

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Liquidity and risk control

FIS Treasury and Risk Manager – Quantum Edition

Manage cash, risk management, debt and investment, FX, hedge accounting and more. Safeguard and steward your bank’s financial assets and manage its liabilities.

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Digital and modern

FIS Treasury and Risk Manager – Integrity Edition

Take a simple and seamless path to a best-in-class digital treasury for better visibility into cash and risk.

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Efficiency, convenience and security

NYCE Payments Network

Capitalize on the efficiency, consumer convenience and security of electronic real-time payments.

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Generate significant cost savings

FIS Integrated Payables

Whether you require assistance with check printing and delivery or electronic payments including ACH, international ACH and wires, FIS Integrated Payables provides execution services for all.

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Create personalized, impactful communications

Print and Mail

Whether it’s a letter, invoice, notice or any customer communication, make sure it reflects the positive image you wish to convey.

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Build the experience you require


Create a better customer experience, unifying content across multiple systems through our APIs and data integration tools.

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Modernize your credit and collections processes


Automate the order-to-cash cycle with accounts receivable automation software that helps increase cash flow, mitigate risk and drive efficiency.

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Improve workflow and controls

FIS Payment Hub - Enterprise Edition

Centralize and standardize your global payments processes to lower costs, improve controls, gain cash visibility and reduce fraud risk.

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Reconciliation reinvented

FIS Data Integrity Manager (Formerly IntelliMatch)

Harness automation and AI to optimize efficiency. Track your reconciliation inventory, define and demonstrate control and employ machine learning to accelerate reconciliation tasks.

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Reduce operational complexities

Lockbox Processing

Streamline operations and improve working capital management with our comprehensive payments automation and receivables management solution.

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Stay ahead of cardholder expectations

Credit Card Processing

Step up to credit card payment processing that alleviates cardholder worries about security and eliminates frustration when using their cards or redeeming rewards.

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Improve operational efficiency

Global FX

Enable your customers, entities and proxies, including branches and web channels, to manage their FX payments and trades.

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Accelerate the payments cycle

Integrated Receivables

Become a strategic cash flow partner for your commercial clients and help them improve cash flow and operational expenses.

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Ensure your business thrives

FIS Managed IT

To compete in the digital age, high-performance organizations recognize that they must fundamentally change how they operate.

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Go global

Multicurrency Solutions

Accept and settle payments on a global scale with multicurrency solutions that enable easy, secure and profitable cross-border payment acceptance.

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Real-time rewards

Premium Payback

Shoppers like rewards, but they love rewards they can instantly use.

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Streamline connectivity

FIS Swift Services

Securely connect with global banking partners through direct or indirect connectivity, including SWIFT and other exchanges or networks.

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Empower faster decisions

FIS Watchlist Reporter

Make sound analytical sanctions decisions faster with an advanced fraud detection solution that provides match transparency.

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Transform your digital banking

Digital One

Put your customers’ and business clients’ needs first with a digital banking suite of solutions that provides consistency and engagement across all channels.

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Faster, simpler, seamless and secure

Payments One Debit Suite

Streamline and optimize your debit card management with a flexible, end-to-end platform that positions you to adapt to ongoing change.

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Stay ahead of cardholder expectations

Payments One Credit Suite

Step up to credit card payment processing that alleviates cardholder worries about security and eliminates frustration when using their cards or redeeming rewards.

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Manage portfolios front to back

FIS Energy Portfolio Manager

Optimize your power, gas and emissions strategies.

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Conquer commodity risk

FIS Commodity Risk Manager

FIS® Commodity Risk Manager provides CTRM software for real-time trade capture, independent valuation, risk management and accounting for commodities trading.

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Build scalable, common processes

CD Reconciliation Manager

FIS CD Reconciliation Manager is a flexible and secure solution for comprehensive, equity reconciliations of exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives.

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Focus on innovation that matters

HORIZON Core Banking System

From desktop to tablet, take the business of banking anywhere. It’s the secure, simple and transparent modern community bank core.

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Streamline your business processes

Content Management

Efficiently store, manage and access information across your organization with this complete document imaging, storage and tracking system.

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Secure document collection and automation

Content Management Collaboration Hub

Drive faster account and loan onboarding with a complete document collaboration hub that has detailed reporting and built-in policy compliance features.

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Streamline billing and payments


Transform traditional billing and payment processes by delivering bills and accepting payments across multiple digital channels.

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End-to-end fraud coverage


FIS SecurLOCK provides institutions with access to comprehensive data, making our predictive fraud monitoring even more effective, yielding real-time scoring, higher fraud detection rates, and lower fraud losses

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Smooth the onboarding process

Global KYC

Account opening delays mean lost business, which is why you need a single, holistic, real-time view of the potential customer's identity.

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Weathering the storms

Climate Risk

Take steps to assess the impact of climate change on your business strategies while complying with new financial reporting standards.

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