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LisaVintage Boutique Owner

About Lisa
  • Age: 27
  • Status: Married to Bob
  • Children: 2 daughters, ages 2 and 5
  • Homeowner: Yes
  • Job: Vintage boutique shop owner
  • Income: $87,000
  • Credit Cards: 2
Lisa's Challenges
  • Streamlined cash distribution
  • On-time payroll remittance
  • More efficient expense management and control
FIS Solutions
  • BizNOW: A solution that offers SMB budget management tools like expense tracking, adding funds to corporate cards, account suspension, spending limits, and reporting, that can be accessed in real-time, from anywhere.

LisaVintage Boutique Owner

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While opening her shop, Lisa gets a notification from her merchandise buyer to add additional funds to her purchasing card.

Lisa's buyer receives the funds and makes a merchandise purchase in real time. Her buyer uses their mobile device to upload the receipt, which Lisa is notified about on her phone.

Her buyer's remaining funds are easily retrieved and returned to Lisa's primary account, all from the ease of Lisa's tablet.

Lisa receives notification on her mobile device that another employee's card has been lost. She suspends their specific card in real-time from her phone.

Lisa reviews her employee's daily spending through a dedicated dashboard, and sets up another ACH transfer to load more funds to the primary account, all through her computer.

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Real-time Funds Movement
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Real-time Funds Movement
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Account Management & ACH
  • LoyaltyBob

    Construction Manager

  • Corporate Payment FactoryThomas

    Pharma, Inc. Treasurer

  • Enterprise PaymentsSteven

    Red Ocean CFO

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Cardholder sends SMS message from mobile app requesting funds be added to card. The administrator uses the app to approve funds request and FIS' API triggers real-time balance update to their card. Learn More > Prepaid platform receives real-time request for payment pre-authorization when cardholder swipes payment card at the merchant's POS as part of normal transaction processing flow. Learn More > An email and/or SMS notification is sent to the administrator upon request for funds, which includes the funds movement, account balances, and purchase reports. Learn More > Immediately after purchase, the cardholder’s photo captures the receipt in their mobile app, categorizes, and enters a memo on the purchase reason. Learn More > Funds can be added to the master account and moved to and from cards in real-time via mobile or desktop apps, with administrator access restriction for updates to master account. Learn More > Through mobile and desktop apps, administrators can order, suspend, or close cards, or establish fund allowance by card. Learn More > Master account funds management is administered via a mobile and admin dashboard, set up of automatic account loads based on thresholds, and reporting for acccounting. Learn More >