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Private Equity May Not Be IT-Intensive, But It’s Intent on New Technology

Wissam Khoury | Thursday, November 24, 2016

Private equity firms across the Middle East are looking for new ways to leverage technology to increase productivity. That’s according to our recent research study of private equity professionals worldwide. But what does that really mean?

Private equity isn’t the same type of IT-intensive, click-of-a-button world of trading or banking. In this business, the intensity sits more with analysis – its quality and depth for reviewing investments, financial statements and company information.

Where productivity can come into play, however, is in standardizing and automating business processes. That’s particularly true in the Middle East, where firms tend to be less automated than other regions of the world.
On that same point, as most private equity firms in the Middle East tend to be smaller, they tend to have some older or more manual technologies in place. For this reason, firms may be looking for options to enhance what they have, like traditional spreadsheets. In that way, the productivity question becomes more of, “There has to be a better way to work with this tool” than “Is this the best technology to support our business?

Our research shows a worldwide push for new and innovative technologies and services to manage data and accounting, with the Middle East remarkably open to testing the waters. To learn more about what we heard from this region, request a copy of the reportPrivate Equity in the Middle East: Making the Most of Technology.


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