Client Story

Efficient, streamlined banking, from the inside out.

Transforming Bank Leumi, USA

Bank Leumi USA, an $8 billion commercial and private bank headquartered in New York, underwent a core banking transformation with FIS’ IBS Core Platform three years ago. This boutique relationship bank now empowers internal and external users with modernized, efficient and seamless banking, enabled by state-of-the art technology.

At a Glance

Deliver a streamlined user experience for clients and 450 employees, improve efficiency, consolidate data and gain a richer client view with a fully integrated, modernized core.
With its modernized core, Bank Leumi USA can now provide commercial and private clients with a rich digital experience while improving efficiency and ease of use for internal employees. Consolidated data empowers the bank with a deeper view into client relationships.


Bank Leumi USA has gained greater insights into its client relationships with consolidated data that it can easily use and apply. Enhanced efficiency enabled by technology has made it easier for employees to serve clients and do their jobs and has removed friction from the customer experience.

Streamlined user experience

More empowered employees

Increased efficiency

The success of the core modernization implementation was attributed to the partnership. We continue to rely on FIS as we look into the next wave of transformation."
- Marty Droney | Chief Information Officer, Bank Leumi USA

Bank Leumi USA is continuing the partnership with FIS to further enhance digital experience and improve front and back office efficiency in real-time. It’s focused on using technology to enable streamlined and efficient processes that remove gaps from the user experience.