Client Story


A Global Insurer Transforms the Customer Experience With Secure Payment Processes

With operations in 50+ countries, this U.S.-based property and casualty insurance company first engaged FIS® to modernize its treasury and payment operations. But continued advances in technology meant the journey to digital transformation had only just begun.

From manual to modern

Before teaming up with FIS, the insurer managed many treasury and payment processes manually, with fragmented legacy systems only compounding the inefficiencies.

By moving to FIS’ automated treasury management solution and payment hub, the finance team was quickly able to streamline its cash management and payment processes to increase not only efficiency, but also visibility, security and control.

New technology for timelier payments

After six years of successful partnership with FIS, the insurer saw an opportunity to make further operational improvements, specifically to how it settled travel insurance claims.

Until now, it had taken too long for travel claim payouts to reach policyholders – who typically waited days before an approved claim was paid into their bank accounts.

Customer satisfaction was at stake. And with real-time payments infrastructure steadily being rolled out globally, the firm wanted to take advantage of emerging technology for delivering instant payments.

Accelerating service without losing control

Via its payment hub, FIS used APIs to connect the insurer’s self-service digital channels to its banking partner’s real-time payments system.

The solution took three months for FIS to design, build, test and deploy. Now, when policyholders submit a travel insurance claim under a certain value, they receive their payouts within 60 seconds of claim approval.

Critically, though, only small claim payouts are approved automatically. Rigorous checks and balances remain for larger payments, helping balance speed with control and fraud prevention.

At a Glance

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes to pay approved travel insurance claims.
Policyholders receive claim payouts under a set threshold in near-real time.


Instant payouts on small claims considerably improve the insurer’s customer relationships. But with large claims needing approval by an authorized individual, necessary high levels of control over payments remain.

Claims settled in 60 seconds

Happier customers

Controlled payment processes

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