Client Story

Modernized core increases adoption and elevates service

Advancing PriorityOne Bank

PriorityOne Bank has been prioritizing south-central Mississippi customers for more than 100 years. While the bank has always delivered great service, leadership recognized a modernized platform was needed to optimize employee efficiency and offer customers the same products, services and digital channels as bigger banks. With FIS’ help, the bank implemented a fully integrated core and watched customer adoption and engagement bloom.

At a Glance

Improve efficiency and increase variety of products, services, and channels for customers using a fully integrated core.


FIS helped PriorityOne Bank transition from using several third-party vendors and a separate core to a fully integrated core system. FIS’ HORIZON platform removed the need to manually work with disparate systems, giving employees more time to spend time with customers, and it provided all the products and services previously associated with larger banks, like online banking and easy online payments, to the community bank customers.


By implementing a fully integrated core, employees have an easier time doing their jobs and customers are excited about banking with PriorityOne.

Increased customer engagement

More empowered employees

Wide-spread product adoption

We wanted to get to a level where we could offer anything the big banks could do, but we would do it a little bit better because we had the personalized customer service.
<strong>- John Mark Williams | Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, PriorityOne Bank</strong>