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Community Banking

    All that tech, yet customers keep opening accounts at branches

    Banks turning to digital channels should consider the message of a new J.D. Power retail banking survey: Build it and they will come, but if using it is too much work, they'll head elsewhere.

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    Customer Expectations

      Paper-heavy B2B payments are crying out for commercial cards

      In terms of innovation, B2B payments are largely ignored. Despite the enormous potential for new revenue streams, cost savings, improved cash management and automated access to mission-critical data for corporate buyers and suppliers, nearly all the focus of fintech firms for the past 10 years has been on consumer payments.

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      Information Security

        Why banks need to tread with caution while dealing with data

        Technology is touching every industry today and it is coming in various forms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT). Among the various industries, the financial sector has been one of the fastest adopters of these technology revolutions.

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        Off the Wall

          Turn business travel into a perk by adding some ‘bleisure’ time; You can even save money for your company

          Business travel can be a nightmare, with flight delays, lost luggage, bad food choices and lengthy time away from home. But road warriors who embrace trips by tacking on some personal time may find that travel can be turned into a perk.

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          Regulatory Change

            U.S. execs aren't ready for Europe's data protection laws

            The European Union’s data protection regulation, known as GDPR, is set to go into effect. While many businesses in the EU have been readying themselves for this regulation change, U.S. businesses that provide payments and other services in the EU may not be as prepared.

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              Financial services risk losing millennials to payment fintech startups

              Think about the number of times you’ve walked into a store in the past month. If that number has dramatically decreased in the past few years, you are not alone.

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