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Flavors of Fast 2017: Where Payments Meet Life

December 11, 2017

The world of real time payments is here, for consumers, SME and corporate clients. It is no longer a question of whether to embrace immediate payments, but, more imminently, when and how. Now in its fourth edition, the Flavors of Fast report examines how payments are evolving, with local-eye views of innovations emerging in various countries around the world.

We’re also seeing that:

  • Payments aren’t just faster; they’re smarter
  • Open is becoming the only ‘”channel’”
  • Drivers for real-time payments differ by scheme and region. For some, it is about user experience and access. For others, it is about modernization and cost savings.
  • One pre-eminent question remains: “Where is the ROI, what is the business case?”

For more information on Flavors of Fast or to download the report, visit here.

Tags: Payments, Digital, Innovation