FIS®Content Management

Securely store, digitally access and exchange critical data across your enterprise with our content management solution

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Digitize Your Documents to Work Smarter

Relying on paper to share financial data and documents is slow, expensive and exposes you to risk.

With FIS Content Management you can digitally and securely store, access and track check images, statements, notices, documents and reports – all from a single entry point.

Its scalability and built-in business process automation tool helps any size of financial institution work smarter, instead of harder.

Consolidated content

Access documents from one consolidated database with a single-entry point.

Streamlined business processes

Improve workflows with a built-in business process automation tool for complete document imaging and tracking, and COLD report storage and archiving.

Electronic signatures

Capture electronic customer signatures in-branch or incorporate outgoing electronic signature capture automatically within a workflow process.

Improved customer experience

Perform high speed back office retrieval for research and loan approvals, and make documents available through internet banking for always-on customer access.

Reduced waste

Remove the expenses and inefficiencies that come with reliance on paper.

Our Clients

Western Alliance Bank Streamlines Processes, Automates with FIS Content Management

Western Alliance Bank was able to find and eliminate duplicate and inefficient processes, streamline workflows and improve customer service with the FIS Content Management business process automation tool.

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Workflow has enlightened everyone on who touches a form and who has to process it. We found duplicate processes that we could eliminate from one team or another to be more efficient. Western Alliance Bank executive


How to succeed with business process automation

Three steps to using business process automation within document management for financial services



Look for manual processes that are repetitive, paper-based and require multiple approvals or are part of a checklist



Build the workflow to automate and streamline those processes



Deploy the workflows and continuously seek other processes to improve

FCM Customer Portal

Learn how the FCM Customer Portal can help streamline the loan process and improve the client experience for your financial institution.

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Enterprise Digital Mailroom

Drive your bank’s productivity, control and savings by digitizing and automating inbound corporate mail.

FIS Item Processing

Automate check payments obtained through remote deposit capture channels with image-enabled item processing.

FIS Lockbox Processing

Help your business clients manage their payments while you improve efficiency with in-house, outsourced, ASP or hybrid lockbox processing support.