FIS Investran


The Engine to Power Private Equity

FIS™ Investran, our private equity accounting and reporting solution, unifies fragmented data, automates complex processes, and supports smarter accounting while reducing costs, errors and pressure on your team.

Our FIS experts provide training and technical expertise to help you maximize the value of your investment.

How FIS Empowers Private Equity Operations

Discover a private equity accounting and reporting system that can help you meet the future now

Simplify the Complex

Streamline accounting across complex fund structures, perform allocations dynamically with a sophisticated partnership accounting general ledger, and automate the full range of private equity accounting events

Turn Data into Insight

Leverage advanced data visualizations as well as flexible and scalable financial reporting for traditional and alternative portfolios to turn your data into intelligence

Support Innovation and Growth

With Investran’s technology platform and managed services as your operational backbone, you can focus on what you’re in business to do – generate better returns


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