Lead the future of your business with Ethos™:
the comprehensive fintech data ecosystem from FIS


Ethos™ Performance Intelligence

Instant Data-driven Insights for Performance Enhancement

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the banking industry. To deliver the clarity your institution needs, today’s data and analytics must expand to address performance and product strategy, while providing industry-leading peer analytics and competitive intelligence. Instantly generate comprehensive performance assessments for your institution with best-in-class analytical structures facilitate superior peer comparisons.

Instantly Generate Actionable Insights to Strategically Manage Your Institution

Navigate digital transformation with confidence using results, recommendations, and an action plan generated by Performance Intelligence

Data-driven Performance Assessment

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive consultative assessment that will not only drive strategic planning, but also generate conclusions on primary opportunity themes and institution-specific strengths and weaknesses

Custom Solution Generator for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means offering the products and services your clients need most. Generate the next likely product in your institution’s digital transformation guided by your competitors’ offerings

Industry-leading Peer Analytics

Better peer groupings produce better conclusions. Leverage out-of-the box peer groupings or construct your own with unique parameters, like technology stack to score digital transformation across the group. Use groups based on product offering to understand what products or services are missing, and the vendors being used to get it done

Gain Insights at a Glance with Industry-leading Features

Highly Visual Reports – Effortlessly navigate analysis and insights with color-coded decision trees and status checks. Easy-to-read dashboards build consensus within your organization.

Next Most Likely Solution – Generate instant custom solution recommendations for your institution. Gain insight into other institutions’ retail and business customer offerings.

Competitive Intelligence On Demand – Quickly view peer metrics at a glance and instantly view how your competitors position their products online.

Inform and Align Your Institution for Higher Performance

Cross-functional Tool

With an output that is highly visual and intuitive, conclusions can be easily shared among executives and cross-functionally to support organizational alignment.

Instant Presentations and Custom Reports

Transform insights into presentations to create custom content for any meeting scenario. Compare and contrast your institution’s performance against peers or stand-alone trends, then zoom in on specific metrics that matter most during the conversation.

Numerous Use Cases and Applications

Leverage Performance Intelligence for multiple applications including strategic planning, profit enhancement, product development, merger and acquisition analysis, competitive intelligence and more.