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Major Industry Players Trust FIS for Their CAT Solution

Nate Call | Director, RegTech Solutions, FIS

August 19, 2019

Given the choice of CAT compliance reporting platforms available on the market today, the fact that some of the largest broker-dealer firms in the capital markets industry chose FIS Protegent CAT as their preferred reporting solution can be quite telling.

Under SEC Rule 613, penalties for non-compliance with Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) reporting can be significant. Much is at stake, and the data management requirements behind the process are so vast and complex, few firms are able or equipped to manage the associated trade and compliance forensics internally. So, what gives FIS the stamp of approval under the current circumstances?

A review suggests three main reasons why FIS Protegent CAT makes sense.

  1. Protegent CAT’s proven compliance model.
    Protegent CAT is a natural evolution of FIS’ long-standing history of compliance solutions encompassing such overlapping regulatory reporting requirements as OATS, EBS and LTID. Over time, FIS has proven its ability to consolidate and streamline compliance operations, resulting in timely, accurate reporting. Protegent CAT’s demonstrable ability to collect, normalize, validate, transmit and maintain all reportable events and supporting data associated with CAT alone makes a strong case for choosing FIS.
  2. FIS’ big data infrastructure.
    Few providers in the compliance arena possess the grand-scale architecture it takes to process transaction data 90 percent faster than traditional data warehouses. The speed, agility and computing power of the FIS operating environment is unmatched. Back that up with more than 55,000 employees serving the top-tier banks, private equity firms, asset managers and insurance companies globally, and you have a compelling case to run with FIS.
  3. The broad ecosystem of FIS’ capital markets solutions.
    Most FIS clients rely on us for much more than an isolated compliance solution. FIS is a multi-faceted company offering a broad menu of products and solutions to handle virtually any operation in the capital markets arena, end to end. FIS’ open architecture makes Protegent CAT a natural addition to any FIS operating environment. FIS’ size, strength and history of adding strategic value to the portfolio through organic growth and by acquisition present a forward-looking, progressive pattern of innovation and thought leadership in the capital markets service delivery.

When you look at the underlying reasons why FIS Protegent CAT was chosen to carry the load for these top-tier firms, it comes as no surprise. FIS has the industry surrounded.

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