Let your data lead to revenue growth. FIS® can help you increase your checkout conversions and amplify approval rates with better machine learning technology.

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One of your most valuable assets

Data management plays a crucial decisioning role in credit assessment, fraud detection , risk mitigation, transaction management, identifying customer need and more.

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amount of data actually analyzed Source: IDC Digital Universe Report

So why aren’t you making the most of it?

Because you’re bogged down by too much data of different types housed in disparate systems, all vulnerable to cyber risk.

But mostly, you lack visibility.

How to turn data into actionable insights

By optimizing and activating your data to inform your decisions, you position your organization for greater efficiency, increased revenue, a larger market share, faster growth and stronger engagement.

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FIS: Experts at payments, experts at payment behaviors

FIS offers a wider array of data management solutions than any other technology company. Because we empower both sides of the payment equation, we see the whole picture from all the stakeholders’ perspectives.


Leveraging customer data builds more profitable relationships

Kitsap Bank relied on FIS analytics to group customers by key lifestyle indicators to see them more clearly. The result: New product sales increased by 11%.

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Powerful reporting, analytics and forecasting

Calculating gross domestic product (GDP) requires collecting and analyzing thousands of sources of data. The Australian Bureau of Statistics partnered with FIS to get the job done.

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Rewards for the customer, rewards for the bank

Modern Woodmen Bank experienced a 148 percent monthly increase in new accounts based on the data capabilities built into their FIS rewards program.

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A winning bet

This worldwide sports and entertainment betting company worked with Worldpay from FIS to take its low acceptance rate of 30 percent to 70 percent and even higher in some countries.

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Stepping on rising fraud chargebacks

Shoe retailer Clarks was growing fast, but as they introduced new payment types, fraud was growing just as fast. FraudSight, a Worldpay from FIS solution, brought it back down.

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