Money is moving
faster than ever.

0 countries
have live real-time payments infrastructure
Source: FIS Global Payments Report, 2022

When money moves, where does it start and stop? The answer: it doesn’t. It flows from consumers to merchants to financial institutions and issuers, then all the way back around in a never-ending continuum. Participate in the full circle with a combination of open banking and real-time payments infrastructure.

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What’s possible continues to be redefined, revisited and reimagined.

The traditional lines between banking, payments and commerce have all but dissolved. The rules that once limited who participates in money movement, and how that movement happens, have been rewritten.

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View of person holding tablet device
View of person holding tablet device

Let’s change how money moves.

Recent years have propelled the need for digitalization with greater urgency, and there are many barriers to overcome. FIS® creates effortless, omnichannel experiences for individuals, businesses and corporations, no matter where they are in the payments life cycle. We deliver global payment and fast movement capabilities that support real-time, push-to-card and ACH in over 50 markets worldwide.

Enter a realm of new possibilities

Explore the importance of money movement and its evolving landscape with our informative video series featuring FIS executives.

FIS brings you:

More opportunities

An ecosystem of innovationConnecting more people and payment providers with a combination of technology, we accept over 300 payment methods in 126 currencies across 146 countries.

More freedom

Solutions shaped for youProviding you, your customers and your merchants with more and new ways to pay and get paid.

More value

Payments with pedigreeMaking every omnichannel transaction more effortless, more frictionless and delivered at the speed of next.

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Taking payments to new heights

We met airline Emirates’ need for a forward-thinking payments provider that operated globally and provided alternate payment methods.

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Skyrocketing monthly transactions

Experian’s partnership with FIS takes their monthly transactions from millions to tens of millions while strengthening fraud defenses.

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Automating non-strategic processes

Credit Suisse’s cleared derivatives operation gains speed, efficiency and scale by offloading the burden of clearing to FIS domain experts.

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Streamlined banking from the inside out

By modernizing its core, Bank Leumi USA provides clients with a richer digital experience while giving users a more streamlined experience.

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Reaching India’s underbanked citizens

Technology, scale and expertise from FIS helps create a more accessible environment that brings economic growth and personal financial freedom.

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Enormous volume growth, no problem

This bank turned to FIS to ease the burden of managing reconciliation of 177M transactions a month with no new infrastructure spend.

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Smartphone payments in seconds

Brazil's PIX instant payments platform is widely embraced by consumers, merchants and the country's connected but unbanked citizens.

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The undeniable

Money is moving faster than ever. Join FIS as we boldly move past the boundaries and revisit, redefine and reimagine the future.

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