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All MISER Solutions

Learn more about the following solutions, services and devices that can move your financial institution into the future.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Provides sophisticated technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and accessing data, enabling you to make better informed business decisions that yield significant increases in revenue.

    Achieve two-way interfaces between ancillary applications and the MISER core processing system.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

    Convenient online platform for Board Members and Executives. Save time by uploading individual documents

    Quickly access a 360-degree view of clients while working with other sales tools on the tablet.

  • Transform Your Branch

    A short-term lending solution that ultimately results in stronger customer or member relationships.

    Encompasses all the MISER desktop solutions within a single framework.

  • Enhance Revenue

    Enables members/customers to save money to their savings account by either rounding up their change or identifying a fixed amount that they want to save when they make purchases with their debit card at merchant locations.

    Provides the tools necessary to offer its business members/customers overdraft protection, ensuring that total funds in a package of accounts are best utilized.