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In the age of “helicopter banking,” consumers expect banks to be always-on, to remain distant but accessible, to be a long-term advisor and to be there in the moment of need.

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The Life Event That’s About to Blindside Everyone

The Great Wealth Transfer is approaching, with some $30 trillion likely to be passed between generations. But PACE data suggests consumers are broadly uninformed, if not wholly unprepared, for an inheritance or wealth transfer.

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Mobile Is the Main Branch

For the first time, mobile has overtaken online as the primary channel, with 42 percent of consumers using mobile apps more than they did a year ago.

Overall, 72 percent of bank interactions are digital (online or mobile), highlighting that digital is the norm.

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Security Is a Double-edged Sword

Consumers are happy with their banks’ security and privacy protocols, but a mistake can be costly. That’s because 25 percent of consumers who switched banks have experienced fraud in the past 12 months. A much higher rate than what’s seen in the general consumer population.

Victims of fraud are almost
As likely to switch banks
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Run, Connect, Grow

Now in its fourth year, the annual FIS™ Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) findings offer a clear view into how well banking providers are meeting the needs of their customers. For 2018, FIS surveyed U.S. consumers and asked them to rank the importance of nine key attributes – simplified from the 18 attributes of previous years – and then score their primary banking provider’s performance in those areas. These nine key attributes are built into FIS’ RUN-CONNECTGROW model, which represents a bank’s levels of service and the steps to achieve success.

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