The EBPP solution that simplifies the billing and payment process for businesses and their customers

In today’s digital-first world, businesses want to get paid faster while reducing costs and improving the payer experience. Payers expect digital-first payment channels with options to pay their preferred way. They want convenience, transparency and control over their bill payments.

FIS® BillerIQ is an electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution that allows you to deliver bills and accept payments through a variety of digital channels, such as web, mobile, automatic recurring payments, interactive voice response, calls to a customer service representative, text and point of sale. This bill presentment solution also includes advanced functionalities – like real-time notifications, personalized bill design and targeted messaging – that not only enhance the customer experience, but also enable businesses to improve customer communications and increase overall engagement.

16.8 B

bills are paid annually by U.S. consumers

Source: How Americans Pay Their Bills: Sizing Bill Pay Channels and Methods, 2023 update

76 %

of consumers like to have as many payment choices as possible

Source: What people want 2020/2021, Global state of Pay Research, Mastercard, Global, Oct. 2020

56 %

of all bills are paid online via biller, bank or third-party websites

Source: How Americans Pay Their Bills: Sizing Bill Pay Channels and Methods, 2023 update

53 %

of consumers would consider switching to a service provider with improved billing experiences

Source: PYMNTS, Streamlining Bill Payments, May 2022

Efficient integration

Integrated remittance and payment data enables straight-through processing and automated reconciliation.

Decreased DSO

Timely notifications to customers decreases outstanding invoices and improves collections efficiency.

Processing flexibility

Accepting card payments helps you meet customer expectations and efficiently handle credit card processing costs.

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Convenience, transparency and control over bill payments

With BillerIQ, you give your customers the flexibility to receive digital bills and make payments directly through the businesses they use, ensuring payers have the clarity they need to verify and pay the right amount.

View of two people working on computer
View of two people working on computer

View and make payments through your business of choice

Payers can navigate to the familiar company website and select “pay bill” to initiate the payment process. From there, they log into the branded payment website to review, manage and conveniently pay their bills online.


Transactis joins FIS

FIS has acquired Transactis, integrating its capabilities into the newly launched BillerIQ platform designed to streamline billing and payment workflows.