The climate risk modeling solution for assessing exposure and meeting new reporting requirements

In the face of increasing climate change-related risks to the global economy, governments around the world are responding with new financial compliance and disclosure requirements. Your organization must take steps not only to measure the immediate and longer term risks to your business, but also to comply with new financial reporting standards for disclosing how climate-related risks are likely to impact your investments and operations.

With our deep experience in modeling financial uncertainty and risk over long time horizons, FIS® is expanding the power of our award-winning risk management platform to help you with your climate risk modeling needs. Protect your future with modern tools for assessing the impact of climate change on your business strategies and finances.

Assess impacts on physical assets

Quantify the likelihood of future damage and financial loss arising from severe weather events.

Anticipate impacts on productivity

Calculate the effects of climate change on the efficiency of your operations.

Forecast transition risk

Analyze the impact of moving from carbon-intensive to environmentally friendly methods on your future finances.

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Dealing with new climate-risk reporting standards

With the release of new IFRS standards, you need to fully understand your exposure to climate-related risk and the actions you must take.

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Are you a trailblazer or an ostrich?

From early adopters to those taking a more cautious approach, explore how companies are navigating the new SEC rules and IFRS S2 standards.

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Start by asking the right questions

If new ISSB financial reporting standards have you feeling unprepared, here’s guidance on the four key areas you need to focus on.

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Get ahead of government mandates

Understand your climate-related exposure in the short and long term while getting a handle on imminent disclosure requirements.

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A journey into the jargon

ESG has a language all its own, but you can quickly become fluent with this handy reference guide that covers the ABCs.

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Why insurers need to model climate risk

If climate change factors aren’t embedded in your risk models, they’re incomplete, but modern technology provides a framework.

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