The one-stop solution for operational and financial risk management and regulatory compliance

With stakeholders challenging risk and compliance leaders to provide real-time, data-driven insights to identify and mitigate emerging threats, it’s easy for financial institutions to become overwhelmed. And banks struggle to secure the proper resources to manage risk effectively.

At FIS®, we know that mastering the enterprise risk and compliance process is no small feat. That’s why we’ve invested in solutions like our Compliance Risk Indicator, an integrated, cloud-based SaaS platform powered by artificial intelligence. This risk management solution is designed to help businesses automate tasks and workflows while improving the quality of risk execution through a single system.

Take the guesswork out

Create a standard approach with assessments and surveys to calculate the strength of controls and residual risk.

Provide a deeper view

Deliver real-time risk data and analytics in customizable dashboards and reports to your stakeholders.

Reduce costs and time spent

Lower costs of compliance by automating risk monitoring and workflows and increasing the efficiency of catching violations.

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All the tools you need

Supercharge your risk and compliance game and revolutionize your organization’s risk landscape with an integrated platform that’s powered by cutting-edge AI.

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All the tools you need

Built on AI, our compliance applications give you the tools you need to streamline all compliance-related tasks.

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View real-time risk data

The right partner can help you proactively identify and monitor risk mitigation progression across your organization.

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