It’s time to modernize enterprise payments

As customer expectations for digital experiences continue to rise, delaying payments modernization is no longer an option if you wish to remain competitive. At FIS®, we are committed to helping you keep pace with the changing enterprise payments market, and the good news is there is no need for a big bang approach to infrastructure change.

The FIS Enterprise Payments ecosystem uses cloud-native principles, microservice architecture continuous integration, and multiple deployment options. This means you gain transparent, simplified and automated payment solutions that let you adapt to change at your own pace, whatever the future brings.

Our enterprise payment solutions consolidate international and domestic payments, and manage payments from customer interaction, order management and payment execution to fraud management.

Give your customers a great experience

Make it easy for them to make instant payments for purchases, whatever channel they use.

Be first to market with value-added services

Introduce customer-pleasing innovations before your competitors have even begun.

Choose your preferred deployment option

Have it your way, from customer private cloud to software as a service (SaaS).

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Microservices: A deeper dive

Explore what they are, their role in enterprise payments and how they will benefit you in terms of agility, standardization and cost efficiency.

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What lies ahead for real-time payments?

This research looks at today’s payments landscape, why real-time payments’ time has come, embracing the opportunities and overcoming the barriers.

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Take a look around the world

Countries across the globe recognize that the new era of payments demands new platforms. See where nine of them stand in the transformation.

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The case for instant payments

Mass adoption of instant payments by consumers has hurdles to overcome, but the lure of lower-cost payments speaks loudly.

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