Workforce intelligence and pre-built bots that drive all-around efficiency and process optimization

Without an enterprise view of your operations, you lack the visibility needed to make significant process improvements, which impacts your profits. FIS® EPIC (Enterprise Productivity Intelligence and Compliance) is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that improves operational efficiency through a better understanding and implementation of your workforce’s productivity, application usage and process variations down to the user level.

This workforce intelligence solution helps you to identify process bottlenecks and implement FIS PREBOTs, our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution that comprises an inventory of hundreds of pre-built bots created and managed by FIS. Whatever you need, there is a BOT for it. And if there isn’t, we can create it.

EPIC and PREBOTS deliver:

10 - 30 %

Better productivity

10 - 35 %

Reduction in cost

10 - 30 %

Improvement to process efficiency


Provides an organization-wide workforce and workflow view; lets users extract insights, unlock asset potential, use failure detection and strengthen the first line of defense

EPIC Automation

Enables the identification of automation candidates and offers RDA and RPA solutions, sophisticated BOT monitoring and workflow orchestration tools

EPIC Efficiency

Workforce utilization, volume-based tracking, process mining, predictive analysis, capacity planning. Delivers analytics around productivity, process gaps, opportunities for process re-engineering and asset optimization

EPIC Knowledge and Experience

Helps drive the consistent flow of accurate information across an organization; allows organizations to sync learning techniques with business strategy to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction

EPIC Intelligence

Tools that facilitate predictive KPI analysis, root cause and gap analysis, demand analytics, real-time RPA adherence; drives workforce management, process management and performance management

EPIC Compliance

Features auto quality and correctional capabilities, quality evaluation systems, audit tracking processes, business activity monitoring and real-time observation

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Powerful insights equal powerful transformation

With one platform, you can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve process efficiency by as much as one-third.

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Accelerate your automation journey

Realize guaranteed efficiency gains and business growth with an inventory of hundreds of pre-built BOTs created and managed by FIS.

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