The dispute management solution that makes it easy to manage and track your claims

With two out of five people having a payment issue annually, this volume impacts the entire payments chain, from issuers to acquirers and merchants to cardholders. Without the right technology, your chargeback staff becomes mired in repetitive, time-consuming tasks, with little time for customer care and making informed decisions.

FIS® CBK brings the power of robotic process automation (RPA) to bear, reducing redundant dispute management activities, enabling smarter decisioning, lowering your processing costs and improving the customer experience. This highly configurable solution integrates easily with your existing solutions and with third parties such as Visa Claim Resolution and Mastercom.

For institutions looking to outsource their dispute management processes, our Hosted Solution offers a convenient and efficient option. We handle all technical operations, monitoring, maintenance and compliance so you can focus on making critical decisions, anywhere and from any location. With PCI compliance handled, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure.

Centralize all claims activity

Gain control over chargebacks with powerful deadline tracking, rule validation and automation, all in one location.

Save time and lower costs

Slash the number of manual activities that slow down dispute management and drive up processing costs.

Serve the customer with efficiency

Change your staff’s mindset from administrative details to solving problems for customers who need help with their issues.

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Taming claims

Dispute management doesn’t have to mean mundane work for staff, inefficient service for customers and high costs for you.

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