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Real-time Back-office Functionality for Cleared Derivatives

FIS® CD Books and Records Manager (formerly Cleared Derivatives Back Office) gives your back office real-time functionality, including calculations of balances and positions. It uses advanced technology and cloud architecture to increase automation, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase operational efficiency and transparency.

Centralize exception management and risk and limit monitoring by integrating reconciliation workflows and running user-guided custom exports and reports.

Our rules-based system and modernized APIs adapt to your needs, while the exception-based, user-guided task resolution system reduces operational risk. Plus, you gain greater visibility into your processing with new sets of KPIs and dashboards.

How FIS Empowers Operations and Processing

Discover an operations and processing solution with real-time back-office functionality for cleared derivatives

Gain Front-to-back Real-time Processing

Unify middle- and back-office functions in a single, modular, real-time processing solution

Deploy a Future-proof Technology Stack

Our cloud-native, next-generation technology stack improves performance, scalability and resilience

Increase Control and Mitigate Risk

High-level control with rule-based processing for a granular audit trail and improved regulatory transparency

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