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Automate Netting and Spread Claims for Optimized Margins and Reduced Risk

FIS® CD Position Manager automates netting position processing and spreads claims, significantly improving portfolio managers’ reconciliation and closeout efficiency and margin optimization while reducing risk.

Netting processing aligns position open interest at the CCP to the positions held in the back-office system and offered on a number of markets. Semi-automated netting automates the position reconciliation between the BO and the CCP. Fully automated netting takes this one step further and instructs the closeouts to the CCP automatically.

CD Position Manager also includes a spread claim submission that identifies spread-eligible positions for margin calculations and then automatically sends instructions to the CCP to isolate these for margin optimization purposes.

How FIS Empowers Operations and Processing

Automate netting and spread claims for optimized margins and reduced risk

Achieve One-stop Efficiency

Increase your reconciliation and closeout efficiency with a single platform solution

Increase Transparency

Extract data using multiple reports and access historical data with an easy-to-use, real-time dashboard

Avoid Next-day Reconciliation

Increase your efficiency and reduce risk with top-day reconciliation

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