FIS CD Trade Allocator

Support any new operations and processing strategy


Trade Allocation Software That Streamlines Trade Allocation Workflows

FIS® CD Trade Allocator provides trade allocation software that streamlines trade allocation and post-trade processing workflows and provides a consolidated dashboard of orders, executions and allocations. It normalizes order and allocation flows before automating allocations. It offers audit of allocation workflows, as well as a layer of upstream processing for normalization, order/fills processing and complex allocations, FIX connectivity and file processing capabilities.

As part of the FIS Cleared Derivatives Suite, CD Trade Allocator can be combined with FIS CD Trade Clearing Manager to give broker-dealers a unified allocation and clearing workflow with front-to-back straight-through processing (STP).

How FIS Empowers Operations and Processing

Discover a solution that streamlines trade allocation and consolidates orders, executions and allocations

Experience Front-to-back Visibility and Workflow

Consolidate processing of orders, executions and allocations flows to provide a central monitoring point

Automate Allocations for STP

Automate allocations through rules and trade enrichment from orders and executions to allow STP in downstream processing

Easier Client Onboarding and Better Servicing

Improve your client support with normalization capabilities, efficient task-based exception management and integrated dashboards

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