FIS Commercial Loan Origination

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Digitize Corporate and Commercial Processes with Loan Origination Software

FIS® Commercial Loan Origination helps improve customer engagement, risk analysis and profitability optimization throughout the credit life cycle. A highly configurable platform, our loan origination software gives you the ability to attract customers with a truly modern and digital experience.

Commercial Loan Origination can be used as a standalone solution or as part of the FIS Commercial Lending Suite, an integrated front-to-back-office solution with built-in workflow and analytics for the entire commercial loan process.

How FIS Empowers Commercial Loan Origination

Reduce costs while providing the best customer experience

Lean, Effective Credit Process

Loan origination automation increases efficiency and tailored process flows fit your credit appetite and strategy

Optimized Decision-making

Get a 360-degree view of customers and continually monitor risk profiles and asset quality

A Superior Customer Experience

Boost revenue by attracting customers with a truly digital, self-service and intuitive experience

RISE subscription

Enjoy a competitive advantage with industry insights and leading perspectives delivered to you as you wake up.