FIS Commercial Loan Servicing

Formerly ACBS


Transforming the Commercial Loan Life Cycle

FIS® Commercial Loan Servicing (formerly ACBS) is a premier commercial lending and loan servicing solution that enables timely decision-making, reduces operating costs, improves data quality and delivers advanced analytics.

Commercial Loan Servicing is part of the FIS Commercial Lending Suite, an integrated front-to-back-office solution with built-in workflow, analytics and robust reporting for the entire commercial loan process.

How FIS Empowers Commercial Lending

Access integrated and powerful functionality and workflow throughout the commercial lending life cycle

Boost Growth and Increase Efficiencies

With ultra-flexible structuring, transaction processing and accounting capabilities, you can quickly adapt to changing business demands, while real-time query and reporting capabilities aid in daily operations and smart decision-making

Reduce Risk while Increasing Security

Reduce operational risk with a configurable, integrated workflow plus work management and collaboration capabilities, all within a highly secure system that keeps your data safe

Optimized for Syndications, Middle Market and Small Business

Support all commercial credit servicing activities within a single, integrated business solution that features business intelligence and open APIs for easy integration within the banking ecosystem

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