FIS LendAmend


Streamline with Loan Amendment Software

FIS® LendAmend centralizes and streamlines the entire loan amendment process for the leveraged loan market. As the market’s loan amendment utility, LendAmend helps agents, lenders and counsel increase accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs.

LendAmend is available on a stand-alone basis or as part of the FIS® Commercial Lending Suite, an integrated front-to-back-office solution with built-in workflow and analytics for the entire commercial loan process.

How FIS is Empowers Loan Amendments

Centralize, standardize and streamline the entire amendment process for the leveraged loan market

A Single Utility for the Entire Market

Agents, lenders, and lawyers collaborate using loan amendment technology to save time and increase transparency

Anytime Access

Agents can track amendment progress and lenders can electronically execute votes at their convenience via a single online portal

Greater Efficiency, Less Cost

Agents and lenders can execute more efficiently, with lower costs and higher volumes

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