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The Communications Surveillance Platform for Analyzing Content and Context

FIS® Communications Compliance Manager with Shield uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to rapidly and accurately perform content and context analysis of all communication types.

Strengthen your communications surveillance with one platform for structured and unstructured data in voice, chat, email, documentations, social media, order management systems and FinChat communications, across 15 languages. Reduce false positives by more than 80% with advanced alert scoring models. And trust in the unique combination of FIS, a global provider of award-winning risk and compliance solutions, and Shield, the best-of-breed e-comms surveillance specialist.

How FIS Empowers Tax Reporting and Compliance

Tax reporting and compliance, consulting and training to meet tax reporting obligations

Meet Your Regulatory and Record-keeping Requirements

Respond effectively to compliance risks raised by financial crime, privacy and other regulatory requirements

Automate Communications Surveillance

Streamline the complete communications compliance life cycle with natural language processing and AI

Cover the Full Life Cycle in One Solution

Integrate your e-communications surveillance with a variety of modules, including behavioral modeling

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