FIS Market Surveillance Manager

Formerly Protegent Market Abuse

Address market abuse challenges today and in the future


Take an Effective Approach to Market Abuse Monitoring

FIS® Market Surveillance Manager (formerly Protegent Market Abuse) is a market abuse monitoring system that combines the benefits of a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution with the adaptability and flexibility of custom-built technology. It effectively addresses the business challenges faced by the financial services community.

The solution delivers a robust, extensive, out-of-the-box rule library that’s built on years of industry experience. It’s easy to view, edit and add to, and users with specific rights can fine-tune the application and calibrate rules to meet their ever-changing needs.

FIS Can Help

Discover a comprehensive solution to address market manipulation and insider dealing concerns

Improve Efficiency of Compliance Staff

Reduce false positives and produce meaningful results with calibration tools and business logic editing capabilities

Analyze across Markets and Asset Classes

Perform multi-jurisdictional analysis from one solution, while maintaining Chinese Walls and unique requirements per jurisdiction

Increase Confidence

Respond quickly and effectively to regulatory inquiries and audits

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