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Conquer the complexity and risk of convertible bond trading

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The Convertible Bond Trading Solution for Mastering Complexity and Risk

FIS® Convertible Bond Services is an end-to-end convertible bond trading solution that delivers powerful fixed income trading, analytics and risk management capabilities for participants in the global convertible bond markets.

Powered by an integrated managed data service, you can optimize the end-to-end convertible bond life cycle. Banks, traders, asset managers and hedge funds get the tools they need for deal pricing and data issuance, idea generation, sales and trading, regulatory compliance and reporting, portfolio and risk management.

How FIS Empowers Convertible Bonds

Discover a convertible bond trading solution to suit all levels of complexity and sophistication

Easy to Use

Manage the complete life cycle for convertible instruments via one intuitive solution

Take a Holistic Approach

See the whole picture with complex convertible bond pricing, compliance and data

Quality Support and Expertise

Experience quality support from a team with direct market experience in data and analytics

RISE subscription

Enjoy a competitive advantage with industry insights and leading perspectives delivered to you as you wake up.